Fellowship & Outreach

Local Fellowship

We are a missionary chuch that believes the Message of the Hour. As part of Worldwide Missionary Outreach we are focused on bringing lost souls to Christ. Our congregation regularly includes people from Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin looking for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sunday services are translated live from English into Spanish via wireless headphones. We have weekly Sunday School classes for children between 3 and 12 years old.

As Bible-believing Christians continuing the book of Acts, our ministers are dedicated to teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have bilingual English and Spanish services each Sunday, and midweek services in English.

In the Bible, the Lord instructed us in Mark 16 to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Following that commandment, we fulfill this great commission by sponsoring and travelling for missionary work domestically and overseas in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. While preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is of foremost importance, our congregation also supports medical outreaches, prison ministries, and organizes a Christian youth camp for children. Our youth support the furtherance of the Gospel thru their missionary offerings but also by going above-and-beyond to setup fundraisers such as car washes, bake sales, and yard sales. Even our children learn to give back to the Lord thru offerings and doing bake sales. There is something for everyone to do.

Our pastor Brother Ron Perry, and Matthew Peters translating.

Our associate pastor Nate Dutton, and Josias Alano interpreting.

Pastor Ronald Perry

Sunday School & Youth

We have weekly Sunday school classes for children ages 3-7 and 8-13 years old. Our Sunday school teachers give the children in the older class an opportunity share testimonies, sing songs and learn verses from the Bible. The younger class learns the Lord’s Prayer, sings songs and listens to Bible stories.

A play area for children behind the church is used for special activities with a nearby pavilion for parents.

Many of our children go on to participate in our youth programs for ages 14+.


Missionary Work

The Lord has blessed our efforts and enabled us to see many souls accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal savior. We have witnessed miraculous physical healings as you can read about on this website according to scriptures such as James 5 and Isaiah 53. Baptizing according to Acts 2, our missionaries have led souls to Christ in remote lakes, muddy rivers, and ocean shorelines. Particularly overseas, we see the newly saved people that get saved go out and tell friends and family what God has done for them and sometimes start new missions even after we’ve returned home. It’s genuinely fulfilling for our congregation to be a part of missionary work conducted according to the roadmap provided in the Bible.

India Photo Album
Photos of our recent missionary trips to various cities and villages in India.
Peru Photo Album
Photos of recent missionary trips to cities and villages in Peru.
Columbia Photo Album
Photos of a recent Columbia missionary trip.
Philippines Photo Album
Photos of a recent missionary trips to various islands in the Philippines.
South Africa Photo Album
Photos of missionary trips to South Africa.
Swaziland Photo Album
Photos of a recent Swaziland missionary trips.
Ecuador Photo Album
Photos of a recent Ecuador missionary trips.